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 In the Media 

Wehrli, A. (2021). Some Black Students Are Flourishing More With Remote Learning. 

Ari Shapiro (2021). For Some Black Students, Remote Learning Has Offered A Chance To Thrive.

(2021). Miller, E. For Some Black Students, Remote Learning Has Offered A Chance To Thrive. NPR.

(2021). Tammi Mac Show Fox Soul Fox Television Off School Grounds: The Education Crisis Prompted By The Pandemic And Its Effect On The Black Community.

(2021).What is Black? Podcast Episode 53 Black Children, Youth and Education in the Era of CoViD-19

(2021). Oregon Public Broadcasting Podcast Class Of 2025,’ Episode 6: Rayshawn & Josh: Why some Black students may do better at home

(2020).Parenting Just Children How To Discuss Race, Social Justice Activism, And The Media With Children In The Digital Age.

(2020). NECN/NBC Universal Mom2Mom How to Use the “Post-Election” Period to Talk Family Values to Your Kids Boston After the Election with Marian Sansone.

(2020).National Research Group #Representation Matters Content as a Mirror to Culture

(2020). This one letter in a textbook could change how millions of kids learn about race. Fernando Alfonso III, CNN July 24th, 2020.

(2018). Straight Talk with Ellen Daniels and Nancy Laurence. The Black Panther's Radical Significance. Interview WPVC 94.7FM.

(2017).Knefel, J. and Knefel, M. (Producers).Radio Dispatch. Youth-Nex Center to Promote Effective Youth Development Youth-Act: Social Justice Civic & Political Engagement Conference and Youth Organizing.

Hetherman, M. (2017).Youth and Civic Engagement: Teenage Protest in Turbulent Times. Your Teen for Parents.

(2017). Straight Talk with Ellen Daniels and Jeff Lenert. The Charlottesville Woman’s March. Interview WPVC 94.7FM.

(2017). Digital Promise (Producer). Ed-tech Pilot Framework Eight Steps to Piloting Interview. (Videos)

Boscia, T. (2013). Serious about STEM. Human Ecology, 41(2), 8-11.

Boscia, T. (2012). Fortifying with research. Human Ecology, 40(1), 7-10.

(2011).Gregory, C. and Arrieta, J. (Producers). 3 Guys Don’t Lie. Missing children and the Casey Anderson case. Interview MiNDTV35.

2011).Gregory, C. and Arrieta, J. (Producers).3 Guys Don’t Lie. Media images and Black adolescents. Interview MiNDTV35.

(2010). School Days with Sandra Dungee-Glenn. Media and our children, what can we do? Interview WURD 900AM.

(2009).Porter, A., Lynch, D., Slaughter-Defoe, D., (Producers),& Das, A. (Director). (2009). Freedom School (Documentary) USA, University of Pennsylvania.Broadcast on WHYY PBS.

(1999). Penn State University College of Agricultural Sciences and Center for Youth and Families Consortium (Producers). Issues of adolescence youth identity development.(Video). Panelist.

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