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Valerie Adams-Bass is a developmental psychologist who earned her PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies in Human Development from the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. She focuses on adolescent development. Dr. Adams-Bass is an Assistant Professor of Youth and Social Innovations in the Department of Human Services at the University of Virginia Curry School of Education.


She is a faculty affiliate with the Youth-Nex Center to Promote Effective Youth Development in the Curry School of Education at University of Virginia and an affiliate faculty member of the Racial Empowerment Collaborative with the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Pennslyania.

Dr. Bass’ research examines the relationships of racial socialization and racial identity with the developmental processes, social and academic outcomes of Black children and youth. She is particularly interested in how Black adolescents interpret negative media stereotypes and whether the messages presented are internalized or buffered as a result of racial socialization experiences. Her research on stereotype media images resulted in her being awarded a Ruth Landes Memorial Fellowship.


Scholarly Papers, Book Chapters, Research Briefs & Reports

Coleman-King, Adams-Bass, V.N., Bentley-Edwards, K. L., Thomas, D., C, Thompson, C., Michael, A., Miller G., Charity-Parker, B.M. & Stevenson, H.C. (2021). Got Skillz? Recasting and Negotiating Racial Tension in Teacher-Student Relationships Amidst Shifting Demographics Social Science.

Bentley-Edwards, K. L., Stevenson, H. C., Thomas, D. E., Adams-Bass, V. N., & Coleman-King, C. (2020). Teaching scared: Pre-service Teacher Appraisals of Racial Stress, Socialization and Classroom Management Self-Efficacy. Social Psychology of Education, 23, 1233-1257. doi: 10.1007/s11218-020-09578-8.

Chapman-Hilliard, C. & Adams-Bass, V.N. (2015). A Conceptual Framework for Utilizing Black history Knowledge as a Path to Psychological Liberation for Black Youth. Journal of Black Psychology, 42(6),479-507.doi: 10.1177/0095798415597840

Adams-Bass, V.N., Bentley-Edwards, K. L., & Stevenson H. (2014). That’s Not Me I See on TV: African American Youth Interpret Images of Black Females. Women, Gender and Families of Color, 2(1), 79-100. doi:10.5406/womgenfamcol.2.1.0079



Adams-Bass, V.N., & Coleman-King, C.C. (2021). The Guardians of Black Joy: Freedom Schools as Spaces of Healing and Protection. In T.O. Jackson and N. Flowers (Eds). Black Mother Educators: Advancing Praxis for Access, Equity and Achievement. Charlotte: Information Age Publishing.

Adams-Bass, V.N. & Bentley-Edwards, K. L. (2020). The Trouble with Black Girl Magic for Black Girls. In Strong Black Girls Reclaiming Schools in Their Own Image. Apugo, D. Mawhinney, L. and Mbilishaka, A. (Eds.), Teachers College Press.

Adam-Bass, V.N., Henrici, E. (2019). Hardly Ever…I Don’t See it: Black Youth Speak about Positive Media Images of Black Men. In Banjo, O.(Ed.) Media Across the African Diaspora, Content, Audiences and Influence. Routledge: New York.


Gaylord-Harden, N., Adams-Bass, V.N.,Bogan, E., Francis, L., Scott, J., Seaton, E., Williams, J. (2020). Addressing Inequities in Education: Considerations for Black Children and Youth in the Era of COVID-19. Society for Research on Child Development, Washington D.C.

Co-Author, (2020). Practical Findings from the Virginia School Climate Survey Students’

Perceptions of Belonging at School Issue 21 Virginia Youth Violence Project, Charlottesville, VA

Adams-Bass, V.N., Atchison, D., & Moore L. (2015). Pilot-to-Purchase, Piloting Ed-tech

Products in k-12 Public Schools. Digital Promise, Washington, D.C.

Adams, V.N. (2002). Penn State Educational Partnership Program Evaluation (PEPP) Robert Vaux site.

In the Media

Wehrli, A. (2021). Some Black Students Are Flourishing More With Remote Learning. 

Ari Shapiro (2021). For Some Black Students, Remote Learning Has Offered A Chance To Thrive.  

(2021). Miller, E. For Some Black Students, Remote Learning Has Offered A Chance To Thrive. NPR. 

(2021). Tammi Mac Show Fox Soul Fox Television Off School Grounds: The Education Crisis

Prompted By The Pandemic And Its Effect On The Black Community

(2021).What is Black? Podcast Episode 53 Black Children, Youth and Education in the Era of CoViD-19

(2021). Oregon Public Broadcasting Podcast Class Of 2025,’ Episode 6: Rayshawn & Josh: Why some

Black students may do better at home

(2020).Parenting Just Children How To Discuss Race, Social Justice Activism, And

The Media With Children In The Digital Age.

(2020). NECN/NBC Universal Mom2Mom How to Use the “Post-Election” Period to Talk Family Values to Your Kids Boston After the Election with Marian Sansone.

(2020).National Research Group #Representation Matters Content as a Mirror to Culture  

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Valerie Adams-Bass, PhD

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